How does the incomplete registrations work?

When fighters shows interest for your event and begins the registration process we will help you collect their information and this can be used in sales recovery tactics if they choose to "complete their registration later". A comparison is when someone adds something in a shopping cart but never completes the process. Research shows that the abandoned rate for shopping carts has an average of 67,91% ( Wikipedia). 

With our platform you will have their email so you can still convert many of them with an abandoned cart email. Here is some good advice on the design of the abandoned email by Shopify

When someone adds divisions in the registration process and then aborts or press "back" in the checkout we add all these incomplete registrations under a filter in the registrations view and you can then choose how you want to work with them.

The fighter will see this message after they pressed "complete registrations later". It will tell them they have a pending payment and that they need to pay their fee in order to be fully registered.

In their personal account it will also show that they dont have a complete registration yet.

What if Johnny missed the deadline? Who will sweap the leg? 😳

When you are working with your registrations you have a filter at the top that you can use to show or not show the incomplete registrations. You can even show the incomplete registrations next to the complete once. This can be very handy when you are planning for your event.

The standard setting will be that the registrations view shows  "completed registrations"

If you activate the filter and choose "show incomplete registrations" you will only see those who havent completed their registration yet.

We also have the option to show all registrations side by side. In the picture below you can see that Martin & Ricard has paid and are approved. Bruce has not completed his registration and have not paid (why should he?).

In the settings for your event you can choose if you want to show the incomplete registrations or not. An unchecked box will show them as incomplete registrations for everyone.

This picture shows the public participants list and as you can see there is one "incomplete registration".

If you click that link it will expand and you see that mr Lee is hiding there.

If you dont want to display the incomplete registrations make sure to check the box and you will hide them.

Nothing here, nothing there.

Now lets get those insecure fighters back again by sending them a abandoned cart email!

1. Filter for incomplete registrations
2. Toggle all
3. Use our Message Center and send them a sms or an email to remind them to pay.

4. You also have the option to download the .csv to import to  Mailchimp or other professional email marketing software.

There you have it, good luck!

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