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  • Absolute class / Open class - The absolute or, the so called “open weight” where fighters get the opportunity to fight opponents regardless of weight class, usually offered as an extra chance to fight besides the normal weight category.
  • Best of Three - When you only have two fighters in one category and the fight best out of three fights, the first fighter to win two fights is declared the winner.
  • Bracket - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bracket_(tournament)
  • Coach account - A user account can be granted with admin rights for a specific acadmy if that user is coach for that academy. From the coach account the coach can manage/edit/pay for his or hers students.
  • Category - The group you belong to in the tournament, each category has a bracket to fight in
  • Double elimination - A bracket format where it takes two losses to be out of the fight for medals…
  • ETA - Estimated time of arrival, in Smoothcomp this refers to the estimated time of your fight or the estimated time of when your category starts. ETA is live updated after each fight and always subject to change. This way everybody can follow the progress of the tournament as precise as possible.
  • Manual seed - if you´re not happy about the automatic draw of the bracket, there is an option to manually change the bracket by drag´n drop.
  • Organizer account - A user account with upgraded rights to host a tournament in Smoothcomp.
  • Registration - a fighter who applies to your tournament will show up under the registration tab.
  • Round Robin - A pool-system where everyone fights everyone, not recommended for groups larger than 6 due to the exponential growth of number of fights in the tournament.
  • Schedule - Your timetable of the competition, displayed per mat.
  • Seed - Automatic or manual, the seed refers to the draw you currently see in the bracket.
  • Single elimination - A bracket where you are out of the medal fight if you lose one fight (unless you are in the final)
  • Smooth - We like things smooth, everything should work without friction, that's our motto.
  • User account - Each fighter, coach or organizer has one, the audience don't need it to follow their hometown favorites
  • Your account -  The view where each fighter gets personal info on his upcoming fights. From the “your account” view the fighter can also apply for open class.
  • 3 IBJJF Standard - A special bracket which starts with fighter A fighting fighter B over the 1st spot in the final, after that the loser of that fight gets a second chance for the other spot in the final in an elimination fight versus fighter C. This of course means that fighter A and B can fight each other two times if the loser of the first fights wins over fighter C.
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