Agreements and Terms of Service

Both users and organisers on the platform are bound by Smoothcomps Terms of Service to use our platform. Users are: Athletes, Event organisers, Academy or Affiliation managers as well as Federations managers. Everyone acting on the platform can in different roles in different ways take part of other peoples personal data. It is every users responsibility to handle this solely for the purpose of the role you have on smoothcomp and comply with laws and regulations including the GDPR. Please read the agreements carefully before you accept.

The agreement can be seen at

In the Terms of Service that every user has to accept we ask for your consent to process your data and describe what you can expect from us in return. Please make sure that you read our agreements carefully. The updated version will be available on the link at all times.

In the Organisers terms (called SAAS, or software as a service) we define what you can and can not do on the platform. We also present to the organiser a "Service level agreement" or SLA, where we define what type of support services we offer and what is included and what comes at a cost.

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