Need help merging doublet academies?

You might find in the statistics that you have multiple Academies and that your statistics are not gathered in one place. Dont worry, we can help you - please email and give us the links to the two or more academy pages that you wish to merge. 

Also tell us which one of these pages you wish to keep and we will be able to assist.

Send an email like this to and we will be glad to help you!


Hi, I have gotten douplicates on my accounts, please merge


 Please keep as my main account.


Here is an example with doublet academies, one with 53 Athletes and one with only 3. We can merge them to gather everything in one place. All members, alla medals where they should be.

Send us the links with the ID number (you can find this in the adress bar when you go to the academy page)

Send us the links and tell us which one you want to keep and we will merge them for you.

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