How to use your coach account

When someone creates a new academy in our database, he or she will be appointed to manager for this academy (they can transfer this status to someone else later on). 

A member of an academy can have any of these different access levels:


  • Controls the academy and can make changes to its information
  • Can join or leave federations or affiliations.
  • Can add or remove new members to the academy and give them access roles.
  • Can register and pay for members to events.
  • Is member of the academy and can represent the academy in events and collect points to the academy.


  • Can register and pay for members to events.
  • Is member of the academy and can represent the academy in events and collect points to the academy.


  • Is member of the academy and can represent the academy in events and collect points to the academy.


To access the coach manger, start by logging in to your account and go to "my account".

If you have access as a manager or coach to an academy you will be able to click the tab called "coach manager" and then choose your academy.


This is the first tab with a map of the location of your academy. This can be adjusted from the manager link.


Here you will see all the medals that your academy has collected on Smoothcomp. (Bruce Lee only needs one medal)


The link called Members will show approved and sometimes pending members (depending on your settings). 

If you want to activate the "member approval step" you can do this from your settings. With this setting activated, all members must be manually approved by a manager or coach before their registrations to an event is completed.

Pending members

If you have activated member approval under settings they will show up under pending members.

Check the box next to the names and choose if you want to approve or reject.

Good move...

Careful now young padawan, may the force be with you if you choose this path..

When a student choose your academy for the first time and the setting for member approval is activated, he or she will get a message in their registration process telling them that the coach manager will need to approve them first. 

The manager and the coach will receive an email prompting them to log in and approve the pending member to the academy and this will complete the registration process. (trivia, Chuck Norris does not need any approval, he approved the approval already)

Approved members

If you have  auto approve turned on under settings, all members that wants to represent your academy will automatically be approved and assigned the access level member. The manager can change the access level of a member and distribute the workload among the members.

Managers are also able to create new users from this menu.


When clicked this menu will display new sections for Event Registrations, Affiliations, Federations and your settings.



Click the “Event registrations” button and choose the event that you wish to register students for from the droplist and press continue.

Add existing users or create a new

When you want to add users that already have created a personal account and are approved members, use the first box called "Existing users” and start typing the name of your fighter, since it´s autocomplete you will directly see if your fighter already have an account.

Create a new user

Click the "create a new user" button to add another student to your academy manager. You will need a unique and working email address to your athlete (this makes it possible for them to log on to the site in the future and to retrieve their password)

Pay all

Once you have registered all your fighter you can choose to "Pay all" (if you are feeling generous :) Even if your fighters have logged in to the site and made the registration themselves you will still see them in this view.


An academy can belong to an affiliation/team and the manager will be able to join or leave the affiliation from this link.


If your academy is connected to a federation platform you will see the federations that your academy belongs to. If the membership expire the manager can renew it by paying the membership.


In your settings you can adjust the details for your academy, upload the cover image and logo etc

If you are coach manager but for some reason wants to leave this academy there is a button for this called "leave academy".

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