Prepaid academy funds as way of paying for an event

If you run an recurring event in your market where one or many academies always show up in big numbers then working with prepaid funds for said academies might be something for you.

The general idea is that you invoice the academy ahead of their registrations a fixed amount for them to use from their wallet. Lets say you send an invoice for 500 USD for them to use to register athletes for your upcoming event or events.

In your organizer account you have a new menu called academy wallets. On this page you can create wallets for specific academies that you have made an agreement with. Only academy managers of these academies are able to check out their registrations with the prepaid funds.

1. Start by adding the academy you want to add credits for.

2. To add a wallet for an academy you need to go to create academy wallet and add the academy from the second box (red arrow)

Once you found the academy you want to add funds for then click to add it. You also have the option to register a new academy from this page.

Click create to add the wallet.

Once the academy is added you can adjust credits. In this example we add 500 credits to Dynamix Fighting Sports wallet and we add a comment that we have received payment via an invoice.

Funds are added in the same currency you use for your your organiser account. 

If you change currency the wallet will not convert to a new currency, this must be done manually.

You can see the history for added credits to all the academies from the history button.

You can allow for a negative balance by clicking the red button.

To delete the wallet and all its credits, press the red X. 

Caution! It will remove all credits and all the history.

From the Academy perspective

The academy manager can see the amount in his/her academy manager. History shows the transactions from the organiser to the academy wallet.

The academy manager will have this option as they check out their athletes.

Are you an academy manager that wants to use prepaid funds to pay an organizer?

1. First of all you must reach out to the organizer and ask them if they are willing to set this up for you. 

2. Decide on how much prepaid funds you need to add and pay the event organizer ahead of time so they can adjust the funds in your wallet.

3. Thats it, now every time you (the academy manager) checks out an order from your organizers events you will now have an option to pay with your prepaid funds.

Read more about your academy manager account here.

How to use your coach account

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