How to embed the scoreboard with other software

We offer a streaming solution that smoothly embeds the scoreboard in the stream using just an iPhone or iPad and our iOS app the Smoothstreamer. If you want you can also use our streaming solution with several cameras and use other software than our Smoothstreamer app. You can still embed the scoreboard! This article will explain how you can embed the scoreboard in Ecamm Live or the free software OBS (Mac & PC).

Each scoreboard have a unique channel (url) online and with this url you are able to embed the scoreboard as an overlay in your production.

To find the channel section, go to the livestream section of your event.

Each device you have in your production represent a channel so "Computer A" will generate one url and "Computer B" will generate another url. In this picture we have two devices and are using the scoreboard application and a web browser to score points with. When we open the scoreboard the channels update and you will see them in the list.

If you want to automatically switch between the tale of the tape (match information) and the scoreboard then click "auto" and copy the url that you see in the adressbar in the browser. This is the recommend way of using the scoreboard overlay.

If you only want to display the "tale of tapes" or only display the "scoreboard" then click the corresponding button and the copy that url to the software you are using to stream with.


Ecamm Live

For Mac users we highly recommend Ecamm live for producing your show, use our affiliate link to create an account. It is paid software and you get the best product on the market for a small cost. 

We have created a partnership with the team from Ecamm and its very easy to embed the Smoothcomp scoreboard in Ecamm, just add the url as a widget and you are done!

From the overlays panel in Ecamm you choose the widget overlay.

  • Choose a display name so you remember what you added (not visible to the public) and then add the url you copied from Smoothcomp. 
  • Set the width to 1920 x 1080 and if you want the widget to fill the entire frame (if unchecked you will have a smaller box that you can resize). 
  • Choose the fram rate for how "fast" the widget is (since its a transparent webpage it does not have to be the highest).

Click "Add Widget Overlay" and BOOM! The scoreboard is visible in the stream.


NOTE! It is not allowed to remove or crop out the Smoothcomp logo

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