How to set up a team event

At the moment (July 20202) it is required with some workarounds to use Smoothcomp for team events. It is also not possible to have individual accounts linked to the teams at the moment. 

Native support for team events in on our roadmapp!

Here are the steps to get your teams registered for an event.

1. Ask the team manager/coach of the team to create a Smoothcomp account (if they havent alredy)

2. Once they have an account they should create a shared profile to their account in the name of the team that they will manage. By doing so the manager/coach will be able to administer this team profile.

Bruce Lee have a userprofile in his name. He will then create a shared profile and name that profile ”Bruce Lee Dragons”. Bruce will be able to register his team to an event and he will be able to control this profile (team).

3. When a coach wants to register his team for a team event he/she should pick the team profile to register with.

If you (the organizer) cant ask the coaches to create shared profiles you can also create shared profiles for each team and register each profile (team) for your event. Downside if you have a lot of teams is that only you are able to make changes (instead of each teams coach/manager)

4. Once the teams are registered you can create brackets as usual and assign them to a mat.

Download our scoreboard application!
If your event have several matches for each team (a team event with 3 men and 2 women for example) you should download our scoreboard application and use the custom scoreboard to display the names of the team and each fighters name. You will need to manually write each team name and the fighters name for each match.

Once one team is declared as winners you can advance that team in the bracket as usual.

With this workaround you are able to display a bracket with the teamnames, assign each match to a mat and display an ETA for the start of each team match. Using the custom scoreboard also gives you the option to display the names of the athlete and the clock during the match.


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