How to download the Smoothstreamer iOS app

Smoothcomp offers a solution for streaming your events using our iOS app called Smoothstreamer. Together with our scoreboardapp for Mac and PC you will be able to automatically show the scoreboard in the stream! We also include a QR code in the stream that you can scan with your smartphone camera and it will open up the bracket for the match you are looking at. We also use the QR code for internal reference to each fight and after the event we can download everything and tag each fight with a timecode.

To get started you need to download the Smoothstreamer app from the app store for your iPad or iPhone.

Hardware requirements:

We recommend using the newest iPhone or iPad you can find. iPhone 5s is the lowest version supported for an iPhone and iPad Air 2 and later works great. Both these devices were released in 2014 so anything newer than 2014 will work.

1. Install the iOS app for all devices you are planning to use for your streaming. This is the login screen on a iPad.

2. Log in with your organizer account.

3. Pick the event you want to stream (the list will only show your organizer accounts events)

4. Pick the mat/ring that you are streaming from (you will do the same in the scoreboard app that will put the scoreboard in the stream)

5. The Smoothstreamer app will now find the scoreboard online and put it in the stream so you should see the upcoming fight in the app. You can adjust the settings by clicking the settings icon.

6. You can change event from the events tab.

7. Change the mat/ring you are streaming from (if you change here it will pick up another scoreboard 

8. You can change the resolution of the stream from the resolution tab

9. Quality of the stream can be changed from here

10. Once you feel ready, press the camera icon and make sure it turns green and you are live!

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